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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 16:28

Responsibilities Of Owning A Property

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Buying a property and deciding to rent it out is just the beginning. What come right after are the responsibilities that every owner should take seriously.

The first aspect to know is the regulations and legalities with property investment. If there is an existing tenant already, make sure that the agreement is signed. As the owner, all records should be kept as evidence of the terms made between landlord and tenant.

All agreements should be placed in writing. Conversations or other verbal dealings will not hold up in court if it comes to that. The legal papers can serve as insurance for both parties if the time comes that there might be charges or complaints made.

The second aspect to consider is the responsibilities to the property for both the owner and tenant. Landlords are in charge of maintaining the property so that it is suitable for people to live in. There are also the rules and regulations depending on where the property is located.

Even if the property is rented, the landlord is still responsible for any maintenance that the property will need. Most property owners enlist the services of a property management company to deal with these things. So in the absence of the landlord, tenants can get in touch with the property manager for any problems encountered from the property being rented.

On the same note, tenants should also know their responsibility with regards to keeping the property well-maintained and livable. Most agreements require tenants to abide with the rules set by the landlord. Rules may differ depending on what the owner specified or with regards to the governing laws of the location that the rental property is situated.

Looking for tenants is easy. What is more difficult is making sure the owner is renting the property to the right tenant. Rental dealings also need assurances. This is why most property owners check on the tenant background, credit ratings, employment records and past rental to make sure that there are no bad history of debts and payments.

Even if the potential renter is a referral of another person, it is always best to check past records so as not to encounter problems later on. The hours spent on doing some check up on the tenant will either mean a good business relationship or one that will cause headaches that may result to not getting the benefits from the investment.

Owners that do not want some of these responsibilities go through property managers. By having someone manage a property, the owner can spared of dealing with tenants, rents and other important aspects of owning a property.

For example, a property management company in Boise is useful if the owner is not from the same location. Nowadays, financial and other means of reporting can be done online. Owners do not have to be in the same location to know how his or her investment is progressing.

Knowing, learning and understanding them is how owners can ensure that their investment will be productive and will continue to provide a steady source of income for years to come.

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